way to make 'clip to devonthink note' present in preview?

I admit it. I want my cake and eat it too.
I want a work flow where I can clip a webpage » assign tags » use Siri dictation to make notes » have those notes got to both spotlight & show as a yellow comments box (so when the pdf is opened by me or others i send the clipped webpage saved as a pdf the reader is signaled to read the comments) » click “clip /save” and be done.

I understand that now when using clip to devonthink notes section:
∞1 the notes are saved to spotlight comments
∞2 the notes can be seen by adding the comment column to may devonthink window
∞3 the benefits of saving the comments in the file’s spotlight section so they are saved with the document and go wherever the document (webpage clipped into a pdf) goes

But what about the audience who reads the document next?

How can they benefit from my esteemed-? (cough, cough, 8) ) wisdom if they don’t see a signal on the pdf (comments yellow box) or have to hard a time going to the spotlight comments section of the file level of the document.


(Deleted the pointless comment)

Hi Korm » You ask a very good question. Here’s the answer:

First, the focus is not technical. It’s about the user’s (me) experience.

It’s about being able to » in-real-time, at-the-same-time, read an article and highlight » then press a button that allows for note taking and tagging and then have it all go into an archive. Then when the article is pulled from the archives the highlights, the notes, and possibly even the tags themselves can be transported with the document. Doing so then transmits a valuable ‘suite of annotations’ to the recipient.

And before anyone poo-poo’s the power of improving the user’s experience to drive free cash flow and the innovation that springs from free cash flow, let me remind you that the days of leveraging quantifiable technical knowledge and getting away with it has diminished greatly and is diminishing at faster rate every day. This is do to:

‘The democratization of [placeholder*] power due to digitalization.’

The focus is the experience of the ‘downstream reader’.

To provide further understanding to your ‘not understanding’, it is the context of the experience that:
∞1 pulls in people to one’s product and/or service offering(s)
∞2 keeps people focus on one’s product and/or service offering(s)
∞3 provides income for lots of people who use technical apps, like DT
∞4 which keeps us coming back t these forums, and all the great folks at DT who have helped us with 1-3 above

So let me see if I can modulate your opinion a bit with a bit of non-technical background, more context to help you understand why linking annotations to spotlight comments might be relevant in your world:

I sent annotated pdf’s to all kinds of folks from all around the world. To be specific individuals* and people inside institutions* that in turn share my annotated PDFs. And this might sound unbelievable, but in this context, this setting, there is often problems with people reading the embedded annotations.

So looking for a better way to integrate a end product (an annotated PDF that can be read any where by anyone) , without slowing up my workflow, is the focus of this customer. One of many who produce the cash flow for this great app.

*commercial » academic » political » financial » healthcare » governmental » religious » military » logistical » food » biological » educational » learning » analytical » targeting » agricultural » soical » perception & decision-making system, and so much more.