Way to show used keyboard shortcuts?

Hello. When I try choose a new keyboard shortcut for a service in DT, I keep running into shortcuts that are already used for something else. I can’t just try all the potential shortcuts in DT, because sometimes it is for a different context. It seems to cover more than just those listed in the menus.

What is the best way to identify an available keyboard shortcut (or even just see which are already taken)? If you need a new shortcut, how do you choose one?

Thanks in advance.

I use a tiny little app(let) called CheatSheet, that calls up a window representing all(?) the shortcuts currently used in the active program - and it allows you to print them.

It lists Shortcuts I added to individual items inside DTPO - so appears to be updated when extra’s are added.

Not exactly what you are asking, but it’s a start.

** Missed your initial statement – what do you mean by “service”? Why don’t you simply allocate specific shortcuts to DTPO alone, which only work inside DTPO? Or are you focused on invoking services from inside other ‘apps’, such as Finder etc.?

This is always something that takes triangulating – I’ve never found a single 100% reliable source for all the active shortcuts in any program on OS X. There are some aides:

  1. CheatSheet (from Media Atelier) is free and when activate will show most shortcuts
  2. KeyCue (from Ergonis) is not free, and IMO manages to discover a wider range of active shortcuts when focused on DEVONthink

The shortcomings here are that these tools do not 100% reliably locate short cuts associated with services (see System Preferences > Keyboard for these) or scripts (you have to look at your scripts) – not simple, but with a combination of all of these you can usually triangulate to a 95% answer. What’s often left out are custom keybindings – though most people have no idea how to make keybindings of their own and so we’ll save that topic for another thread.

I’ve never tried CheatSheet, but KeyCue has a demo version available and when I looker at it a few years ago, I was impressed with it. Another option is to look at Keyboard Maestro. KM can be programmed to bring up a menu of choices using one KM macro. I use KM extensively with DEVONthink to activate a shortcut menu. Here is the menu I created for use in DEVONthink to create my most often used new documents. Command-n calls the KM macro.

Greg - I bought KM a few days back on a Stacksocial(?) sale, with a half-price discount. :slight_smile:
I had played with the trial for a few hours some months back - but it got in the way of Alfred, and I disabled it then.

Been looking around a bit again - and quite clear that it’s a potential powerhouse. Have now made a few minor alterations that sees KM and Alfred playing nicely with each other [including a workflow download that sees Alfred launch KM macros], so will start giving it a good go in the next few months…

About your screen grab - is that an ‘active window’ – i.e. options are selectable, or does it just pop-up to tell you what’s available to be launched in some other fashion?

All selectable, with either the mouse or a keystroke. I start all the menu macros I create with a unique number 1-9, so when I call this menu with command-n, then hitting the 6 key gives me new with clipboard, etc.

Wow - that looks very useful.

Thanks Greg. Looks like I have some exploring to do! :slight_smile:

The KM menu macros work very well, especially in DEVONthink where you have so many menu options available, including the New from Template menus and the Scripts menu. Another nice feature is that you do not need to change/disable the default DEVONthink shortcut to assign it to a KM menu. When multiple KM macros are assigned the same shortcut, you get a menu to choose from like the one pictured above.

Here is my macro for a new RTF document, which will default to the name yyyy-mm-dd- with the cursor placed for me to finish the document name:

I can now duplicate this macro and change the name/menu command to create a new type of document, including items from my custom templates menu. Just be sure to assign these macros to only work in DEVONthink so that they don’t fire when you use the same shortcut in another application.

I am a complete KM Newbie having only purchased it yesterday so please forgive what is probably a very simple question. Greg mentions above that KM can be programmed to bring up a menu of choices using one KM macro. My KM Engine menu looks like the attached and I can not find a way to get the macros to appear in the menu—how do I program KM to bring up this menu of choices? Thanks for any help.
Screen Shot.jpg

What I do is to assign multiple macros the same shortcut. It the example above, all the choices in the screen capture have the shortcut cmd-N assigned to them.

Got it, thanks. :smiley: