Ways to specify annotations folder?

I have recently started using the annotation feature (the one beneath reminders and finder comments) to create markdown notes related to my files (e.g., PDFs). These are stored in the “Annotationen” group. I am aware that I could have them stored in the same group as the object (general settings). However, I want these annotations to be saved to a specific folder in iCloud so that I can easily work on them in my favorite markdown editor on my phone. When I come back to my Mac, the markdown files should automatically sync. This wouldn’t be a problem if the annotations folder could be set to a specific indexed cloud location.

So, what is the best way to set this up? Using a smart rule? Some tinkering around with replicants? I also have Hazel. Any guidance is very much appreciated.

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You could index a folder located in iCloud Drive and then use a smart rule that is triggered on creation and looks for documents in the Annotations group to move items from this group to the indexed group.

Thank you. This works like a charm. I additionally replicated all annotation files back to the standard Annotations group as a second step in the smart rule. :+1: