We want real tags navigation

Hello everybody,

As trying to sort my DT database, i’ve encountered real difficulties to use tags (as i use them in other applications, you can check delicious tags browser if you need an example).

Let me explain, I’ve got a lot of invoices and want to browse them easily …

Example :
Invoice 1 is tagged : Invoice, 2010
Invoice 2 is tagged : Invoice, 2010 and Computer
Invoice 3 is tagged : Invoice, 2010 and Computer
Invoice 4 is tagged : Invoice, 2011 and Computer

I just want to browse my document like this :

  • invoice (invoices 1, 2,3 and 4)
    ±--------- 2010 (invoices 1, 2 and 3)
    ±---------- computer (invoices 2 and 3)
    ±--------- 2011 (invoice 4)
    ±---------- computer (invoice 4)
    ±--------- computer (invoices 2, 3 and 4)
    ±---------- 2010 (invoices 2 and 3)
    ±---------- 2011 (invoice 4)

Tags are really useful for intersections and cross-references, they are not folders. They are supposed to be browsed dynamicly.

I’ve made a lot of searchs on your forum and on the internet and have found only people with the same request (references can be provided) but no solution (Even in the tag view).

DT is known as one of the most powerful applications on mac but i don’t know what to think when an humble application like punakea outshines it (on these “basic” (IMHO) option) …

I hope you will be able to provide me with a solution to this issue .For now i am so disappointed about how DT poorly manages tags, i almost regret my purchase and would not encourage anyone to buy it …

So please give us a real tags management or maybe i just need some tips about how to have the same result using smart groups, replicant, folder or any advanced technologies used in DT (and hopefully without spending an hour to rearrange everything each time i’ve got a new tag).

Thanks in advance for your answer …


PS : Excuse if my words has to be found a little rude, i am not angry just disappointed …
PPS : Please excuse my poor english, it is not my native language

This is already possible by using the Tags view and selecting multiple tags (e.g. invoice and 2010 should return invoices 1, 2 and 3). But this could (and will) be improved by displaying only relevant tags after selecting the first one of course.

Thanks for your quick answer, i already know about the tags view, but it’s not a tags browser, just a tags filter (better than nothing).

Could you provide a release date for this so important feature ? Or at least let me hope it will be release in the next minor release (i don’t want to wait for DT3).

By the way, is it possible to have a smart group with this kind of filter : “2010” is in tags AND […] AND “invoices” is in tags ?


It will be part of an upcoming 2.x release but we don’t announce release dates anymore, I’m sorry.

Sure. Just use a smart group like this:

Bildschirmfoto 2011-03-03 um 14.22.39.png

Thanks Christian, it works as expected …

Concerning the release date, i will wait patiently.