Web-Address not displayed in DA-address field

Hi there,

a problem with DA, lates version.

When I click a link, say a bookmark, in my DTPOb2 database to open it in DA, the page is correctly opened, but the page´s address is not displaeyd in the brwoser´s address field.

A bug?


I can’t replicate that here.

Every website in DTPO I open in DA is displayed nicely, but at first without displaying the webaddress, only “http://” is shown and this is marked in blue

When I press the reload-button, then the web-address is displayed.

Also, when I drag a web-address out of Safaris addressfield and drop it onto the DA icon in the dock, the page opens nicley, but without displaying the webadress (I hav to reload it). Or, I click a link on the page, that is displayed in DA, then it opens the new page and display the webaddress in the address field.

So, it seems it ha something to do with opening a page first time in DA.