Web archive clipper broken in 2.4.3


I use the Web archive (clutter-free) clip command from the share sheet multiple times a day to save off articles to read later in DTTG. Since upgrading to v2.4.3, the clipped file doesn’t have any content. Doesn’t matter what I am clipping from (although I am using the same sources I have always used) or which iOS device I’m on.

Please let me know if you need more info. Thanks.

We are aware of the issue and looking into it. Thanks.

It was a server issue, actually. Should be solved.

I’m having this problem currently with DTTG 2.6.2, sharing from Pocket.

Has this problem popped up again?

Are you using the clutter-free option with a page in Pocket on Safari?

I was, and I’m sure that was working a few days ago. However, I just had a go at sharing using the standard markdown option (not clutter-free) and the article was captured into DTTG…and (since i suppose it’s coming from pocket) without much clutter anyway.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

No problem.

Actually, I’m getting mixed results…most are getting in to DTTG, though I just had one which resulted in:

Request unsuccessful. Incapsula incident ID: 443001160485317622–703438101774272330

This was from a page which wouldn’t clip from pocket, and then from Safari gave this error.

Not every page is guaranteed to be capturable. What is the URL?

The URL is kuyperian.com/suffering-doesnt-make-stronger

And it’s fair enough that the clipper can’t get anything. I’ll try it when I get back to my Mac.