Web Archive default font


Lots of web archives of wikipedia. The default font and size is much different than what I have set on my desktop. Not much testing yet of other archives but a preference or syncing of DT settings would be nice. Yes, sync applicable DT preferences.

And, I’m probably not the only one that uses DT as a wikipedia reader. navigation and awareness of wikipedia, why not?


We are looking into those user preferences we can reasonably sync between desktop and mobile devices. Fonts are somewhat of an issue - they are not the same on desktop and device (and Apple makes no promises about what will always be available). In this instance, we would need to supply our own fonts that would be guaranteed to be available on all platforms. If this sounds acceptable, let us know - keeping in mind that we would need to keep the font set fairly limited given the resources available on iPhones, etc.

Hmm. Syncing fonts with the desktop sounds like an idea. I’m not sure what I think of it but it could work since you’d only need to sync the few fonts used or could fall back to some default serif/non-serif. Hmm, can’t decide what would be good with a simple UI.

To be fair, we cannot “sync” fonts to DTTG. We can offer a select number of fonts on both platforms if you wish to guarantee that they look the same on both platforms. Fonts are proprietary, and we cannot legally appropriate fonts from Apple’s (or another vendor’s) font repository for our commercial use. As stated, we can offer some open source (“free”) fonts, or some that DT licenses, but syncing fonts will not be possible.

Hey Mike,

ah yes. well then, if it’s a font on both platforms, then sync the preference. otherwise, sync the setting as (non-)serif. yeah?