Web Archive highlighting vs PDF


I’ve just begun to use the product and am wondering about the best practice for highlighting web content saved to DevonThink. I’ve been using Web Archives for pages I want to save and then using the context-menu’s Highlight command to mark text that I find important.

Would there be any benefit to saving the web pages as PDFs and using the highlighting features there? Any future “gotcha’s” to either approach?

Is there a general consensus on which format (Web Archive or PDF) is best to archive web pages?


Web archives used to be the go to for offline archives. With the proliferation of dynamically loading content, this is no longer the case. Many web archives require Internet access to download and display data. Not exactly “offline”.

However, there are still many pages that are statically built and work just fine as web archives.

PDFs are also a good option. If a page is a good candidate for either, I usually choose web archives for long pages as single page PDFs with very long content aren’t as easy to browse and read (especially on mobile).

Thanks for the information – I’ll be going with the web archives.

It’s nice to have so many options!