Web archive icon only a thin line

When I drag a link from Safari to DEVONthink (v1.9.3) and then capute that page in to a web arckive the icon become only a thin white vertical line, not so useful.

If I go to “Show Info” I can select the icon and cut it out (Command + X). It will then be replaced with a standard web archive icon.

Is it a bug or is there some setting that can fix this?

I suspect your “thin Line” is actually a picture of the web page- which must be very long and thus can’t carry the width of detail. So at least the icon does present some information.

It’s not a bug it’s a feature!


That’s right, eiron. I originally thought all web archives had the “thin line” icon until seeing large representations of them in icon view.

I had the same problem until I realised that the icon is a picture of the entire web archive, and if it is multiple pages then id does just look like a thin line.

For one- or two-page web archive captures this works fine, and gives a good visual reference to the content. For multiple page web archives I think I would prefer a generic icon of some sort, or maybe a limit the icon to, say, one page’s worth of content so it would be similar to a preview of a pdf in the Finder, where you just see the first page. It would be interesting to get other views on this.


I agree, I like the first page only icon idea. It really threw me when I saw only a hairline representing the file.