web archive menu shortcut?

we used to have a menu bar ‘Web Archive’ shortcut, but last few releases I haven’t been able to locate it in the customize menu selections- did we lose that? or are these eyes just getting older?


If you are viewing a Web page in Safari, DEVONagent Pro or DEVONthink’s browser, there’s a Service to capture the selected area of a page as WebArchive, and it has the keyboard shortcut Command-% (Shift-Command-5).

To capture the entire page, press Command-A to select all, then Command-%.

I almost never capture the entire page, as I want to exclude any content that’s extraneous to the article I want to capture. I select the desired area of the page and press Command-%.

Note: This command doesn’t work in Firefox or Chrome, as they are not fully OS X Services compliant.

thanks Bill- I’ll use that method