Web Archive Question

I just wanted to clear up a question I had about web archives.

I know that if the actual page is removed from the site, you can lose the data you saved. My question is, does this only happen when you open the web archive file or can it happen in the background while DTPO is open?

Either way, if the data is removed, then it would be possible you could turn off internet services and recover the file from a zipped backup of the database?


The web archive and its saved data are never removed by DEVONthink on its own. But as the web archive might not contain all data necessary to render dynamic pages, the rendering might be poor or fail completely if the original web page disappears.

To avoid that problem, I save my Web stuff as Formatted Note via DT capturer, and if it does not do the right job, I use to add to my Inoreader and then copy and paste from it int a new… Formatted Note.

And if I must annotate it, I convert into PDF.

Why Formatted Note? Because at the end is a auto-contained HTML file and can be easily open by any browser, even Windows and Linux ones.

Thank you both. I think I’ll stick to a stripped down PDF for websites.

You’re welcome! :smiley: