Web Archive Script not working for Safari

I cannot seem to get the web archive script to work properly while using Safari and DTPro Office. All I get is a link to the page instead of a web archive. I have tried reinstalling the add-ins, but this did not help. Any ideas why this isn’t working? There are many times that I need an archive rather than a link…

The script itself looks simple enough, but not sure why it isn’t working.

Thanks for any help.

PS - Saving web archives directly from Safari works fine, and this is happening on two machines at the same time.

The script should either create a web archive or fail. Therefore please check the type of the created “link”.

Of course it says it is a web archive, but it is really just a link - meaning the content that should be there is not, and it tries to access the link instead (even though the file type should be archive)

I am logged into a trading company when I do this, and I can successfully save a web archive using Safari’s save function, so it is not with this functionality that there is a problem. Any ideas? I need to do this often.

Actually this is the problem as Safari does not provide access to the web archive data via AppleScript. This means that DEVONthink has to download & create the web archive on its own. And this can fail if the current page is the result of a form or requires certain cookies (e.g. login information).

The only workarounds are to either add a PDF (via the Print panel) or to save the web archive to the desktop and to import it later.

I can’t comment on your problem with WebArchive.

But here’s a possibly related tip. Secure Web sites may not allow re-download of a page so as to capture it in WebArchive format. But one can always invoke the Print panel with Command-P. Then click on the PDF button and choose the option, Save to DEVONthink Pro. This will result in a PDF version of the Web page. You can select the specific group into which it should be stored.

That’s what I do with secure sites such as my bank’s Web pages, to save records of transactions. Works great.

OK - clearly this is due to the secure link. Seems strange that Safari can do it, but that the script can’t tell Safari to do it, but I will take your word for it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the workaround tips. I have to do this all the time, so a built in menu version (like Mail.app menu items) for Safari would be great for 2.0.