Web Archive

I am using Devonthink Pro, version 2.0pb8 on Mac OS X 10.6.2
I’ve just started using DT regularly and perhaps I don’t understand these particular functionalities. I capture a web page in Safari (4.0.4) with the script, Add Page to DevonThink. The page is captured, as a live page .i.e. updated as the page changes. I would prefer to capture a web archive. Does the script, Add Document to DevonThink do this? When I initiate that script, I get the following message: "DevonThink Pro got an error: AppleEvent handler failed.

Capturing the page as a web archive in Safari and importing it into DT, is successful but the archive does not display in the DT browser, I have to click on the URL in the DT browser to have the archive open in Safari.

Attempting to create a web archive from a web page imported into DT via the context menu, doesn’t appear to work.

Is there a “quick” fix to the AppleScript (I’m not a programmer) so that I can exploit the utility of DT and Safari to capture and view web archives in DT?

Please see devon-technologies.com/scrip … ess/?p=994

You will need to re-download and install DEVONthink Pro

Thank you for the prompt response! I assume the narrow image in DT represents the archive equivalent of the web page?

All other issues have been resolved by the download.