Web Archives are not Web Archives

The way DT handles Web Archives is really really awekward and should be changed.

You clip a web page as a Web Archive, and each subsequent access to that archive within DT forces a reload of the whole webpage you clipped. So neither does it display instantly (which is annoying enough) nor is it an archive because something that’s archived should not have to be reloaded from the source. Defeats the whole purpose.


Unfortunately the web archives introduced by Apple’s WebKit have many flaws. Could you send an example to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks in advance!

…on it’s way. thanks!

Excellent Post. Replying to subscribe to topic.

I just did a test and don’t think it is reloading from the internet.

I turned off my network connection and clicked on the Web Archive articles. Everything was still there, and the reloading in the URL bar was still occuring. I’m assuming it’s reloading from it’s resources in Devon.

The alternative is to clip as a PDF. The scary thing about Web Archives is… there are some I’ve saved only to find a couple years later the archive file wouldn’t load. PDF’s are the safest bet.

Sometimes Plain/Rich Text can also be considered “safest”. :slight_smile:

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Agreed… :slight_smile:

However, I know it’s crazy, sometimes I want to preserve how the web page was laid out. Especially if pictures and diagrams are involved.

There are some incredible web designers out there… sometimes it’s easy to doubt, but I still believe.

It’s the ones with crazy ads that get to me.

The more I think about it… I shouldn’t say sometimes I want to preserve the web page format but often. Rich text is nice for reading, and there are some web pages that warrant reading the text only. But most of the time I want the web page preserved.

One of my favorite features of the Mac OS is the print to pdf function.

This is where the ABBY OCR comes in really handy that’s part of the DevonThink Pro Office application.