web-based plugin creator

Has any thought been given to a web-based plugin creator?

One of the nice things about the new Internet Explorer is being able to add custom searches to the search bar. It is super-easy to do — just do a search in engine you want and paste the resulting URL into microsoft’s little search creator. Much better than trying to add a search to Firefox too!

I would love to see something like this for DA. The plugins for DA are one of my favorite things about the program, but I have tried twice now to create a plugin for a specific search and I am unable to do so. And I don’t like having to ask (beg) one of the DT pit crew to make it for me. Christian has been really nice in helping me before (he basically made it for me) but he’s got other stuff to do.

Some sort of online DA plugin creator would be very cool.

There will be probably an assistant to create plugins in a future release but please don’t expect this anytime soon as DEVONagent’s plugins are much more complex than simple search fields.

That’s good enough for me!