Web Capture irritation

Hi DevonThinkers,

trying to clip this URL with the DT Safari extension (it’s a discourse thread on a forum):

discourse.omnigroup.com/t/why-i … gain/19370

  1. PDF/paginated PDF miss the last 5 entries in the thread.
  2. Webarchive is OK.
  3. Changing the Webarchive to PDF inside DT is OK.

Since I wanted the PDF and the thread is a little long I didn’t realize the 5 missing posts at first.

Are there known shortcomings with Clip to PDF? Until now I just used it and thought it would grab all there is. Is this something special to this particular URL?


This page requires use interaction as its dynamic content is only loaded on demand (after scrolling down). Therefore PDF clippings might be incomplete.

I see. Thanks for the clarification, Christian.