Web Clip window disappears in DT3

When collecting a webpage via the FireFox DT3 extension, the web clip window disappears in these two cases.

  1. I click on the FF DT3 extension AND DT3 is not running AND if the ‘tutorials window’ is set to display. I can see the web clip window display briefly, but as soon as the tutorials window comes up, the web clip view vanishes

  2. When DT3 is already running, I click on the FF DT3 extension and the web clip window opens… but if I click back to the webpage to copy additional details, the web clip window disappears and I have to click the FF DT3 extension again.

  1. I will look into this.
  2. Like most menu xtra apps/utilities it will close if you switch to a different application.

Thank you, @aedwards. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do think I commonly switched back and forth between DT2 and Firefox as it is difficult to complete my notes without referring back. Perhaps this is something that just works differently now?

To suit my former workflow I think I’ll go this way: web-clip, save to DT3, reopen the item in DT3 and then develop my summarization. Really no time lost, I think.

The performance of the FF DT3 Extension is dependent on Sorter preferences.

  1. Sorter is set to show as menu extra: In this case I get the disappearing web clip window as described in the original post.
  2. Sorter is set to show as dock tab: In this case the FF DT3 extension opens the sorter drawer and you can fill in your info there. The ‘drawer’ will close when you bop back to the web page, but all of your initial information is preserved when you re-open. :+1:
  3. Sorter is set to “None”: Here, everything works for me just as in DT2 and no problems with disappearing web clips. Doesn’t matter if DT3 is running or not. Also no problem switching back and forth between the web clip window and Firefox. :slightly_smiling_face: