Web clipper never captures page content, just login screens

Hi all.

I’ve been quite frustrated trying to clip web content that I view in Safari. I login to the website, view the page, save the page via the Devonthink safari extension, and all I ever have in DT is a login screen.

I’ve tried several iterations of changing the cookie settings in the DT preferences. That doesn’t help.

At the same time, the screens clip correctly into evernote without any fuss.

Is there any fix for this?

Thank you.

This is a problem I have had for years with certain sites. The root cause is the security controls of the site provider, which DEVONthink cannot abrogate. For example, sites with strong paywalls (such as NY TImes, Financial Times, etc.) are difficult to clip if you clip WebArchives or HTML. If you clip to PDF you can usually get the content without problems.