Web Clipping Consistency...

Have been updating DTTG to the latest version i.e. 2.4.4…

Web Clipping only seems to consistently work with webarchives.

Web Clipping with clutter free is inconsistent and sometimes misses capturing images.

Web Clipping with Markdown with and without Clutter Free is not consistent & doesn’t always work… (as in missing text)

All the above comparisons are comparing web clipping with earlier DTTG version 2.4.1?

Markdown and clutter-free options are actually handled by our server, therefore the used version shouldn’t matter. But some URLs would be useful to be able to reproduce this.


I have the problem cluttered web archives with missing images.

Here are two example URL.

One is for cluttered archive always missing images.


The other is for cluttered archive missing images most of time, but successful sometimes.


@cgrunenberg Do you guys have a preferred mechanism for people to report web clipper-related problems like these (e.g., more user forum posts, a specific email address, etc.)? Thanks for your help!

No, just post the URLs e.g. here or open a support ticket.

I have this same issue. Nothing gets clipped with Markdown a lot except for the link and title

I responded on your other thread.

We have fixed some things around the decluttering service, including relative image links.