web navigation return link broken after Safari 3.2 update

Updating to Safari 3.2 seems to have broken return links when web browsing in DT Pro on my system.

Since the update, Devonthink Pro (1.5.4) is loosing the back link when I am browsing. For example, I commonly Google up a topic and then follow a result link, where I may or may not save a page or a note, then return (using the left arrow button). This is now broken. The arrow is either inoperative (no return saved) or takes me to a page I have previously browsed that is not the correct return link. While I have occasionally seen complete loss of the return link in the past (but never been sent to the wrong page), the incorrect behaviour is now consistent and pervasive.

This is a major problem for me. Most of my use of DT Pro is in collecting info from web searches. Help.

Hardware: MDD G4 1.25 Ghz Dual Processor
System: 10.5.5 with all Apple updaters applied.
Permissions repaired; caches cleaned
Keywords: back link, return link, previous link

Me too.

And I just upgraded hours before you posted this. I knew I should have waited longer.

I held off for a week after reading of other webkit based apps having various problems… but yesterday I guess I was just feelin’ lucky – not.

A poor workaround is to do a search, save that page, and go back using that saved page… but as you get farther down the search list, this becomes more annoying.

Much to my disappointment, Safari Update 3.2.1 did not fix the problem for me. Navigation is still fubar. sigh.

The next release will fix this.

Thanks, that’s good to know.

However, I fixed it the old-fashioned way:reverted to the previous version of Safari (Time Machine, yeah!). The new version has been giving me other problems, crashing, hanging, etc. I also don’t like how Apple has not explained what information they collect to make the anti-phishing feature work.


Does this affect the old, search-only interface or also the new AJAX-based one as well in a way? I didn’t notice any problems here after the Safari 3.2 update but I also seldomly use the old web interface.

I’m afraid I don’t know how to identify the two interfaces you mention. What I am referring to is going to a saved page address (saved link) eg. Google, then following a link on the displayed page and finally attempting to return to the first page via the return button (left arrow) at the top of the browse window. This very basic browsing is something I’ve always done in DT.

This will not work in the new, interactive web interface, I am afraid. When you display a web page in the lower right pane, it is loaded into a frame. When you now use the browser’s back button, you navigate back to the loaded before visiting the interactive web interface. There is no separate sub-navigation in the lower right pane.


Something must be getting lost in the translation. Please speak to Christian Grunenberg – he gets it.


Following Karen’s lead, I have re-installed Safari 3.1.2 and the webkit from os x combo updater 10.5.5. DT link function was immediately restored.

I didn’t have a Time Machine backup, so I used a tip from MacFixit used to remove an earlier version of Safari. With appropriate modifications, it is:

download the Pacifist application and the os x 10.5.5 Combo updater. Mount the updater .dmg file and open the installer package. In the Pacifist window, select Webkit in the System/Library/Frameworks folder and click on the Install button in the Pacifist toolbar. You’ll be asked if you want to Replace the existing items. You do. Next do the same for Safari in the Applications folder. Here you’ll be asked to Update or Replace. I chose Update.

So far both Safari and DT seem happy. YMMV

Screwed up my courage and installed DT Pro 2 beta, OS X 10.5.6, and Safari 3.2.1 . I have confirmed that the link issue is resolved in DT Pro 2.