web pages in view/edit pane grab selection from list pane

I’m trying out DTPO and running into an issue with web pages. When I am arrowing through the items in the DTPO document list when I get to a bookmark item for a web page that takes the cursor (like yahoo.com) the selection is taken by the browser in the view/edit pane. So there is no way to arrow through the list. Is there a way to turn that warping off?

For context, Firefox supports it via a preference: superuser.com/questions/28481/ca … in-firefox


Not sure I understand the description, but as far as I can tell I’ve never seen this behavior in DEVONthink. What View are you using?

Perhaps you could make a little movie showing this and post a link to that video?

Add yahoo.com as a bookmark. Then arrow down (with keyboard) through the list of documents. When you get to yahoo the cursor jumps to the yahoo search box in the detail/web pane. No?

I can make a video also if that isn’t clear or you are not seeing it…

Confirmed. I am enlightened.