Web server gives 403 errors after a couple minutes inactivity

The subject pretty much says it all. I use DEVONthink heavily via the web interface, which has improved a lot by the way, but I’ve recently started having an issue with it giving me 403 errors after just a couple minutes of inactivity. And to be clear, I have no problem initially connecting, logging in, and getting at my databases. The problem occurs a few minutes after I’ve been away.

To be more specific, I like to keep a tab open in my web browser, so I can do research/writing in other apps then flip back to that tab to look up things or take some notes. After just a couple minutes away, I get the 403 error and can’t do anything. Refreshing the page in the browser does not solve the problem either. The only way to fix it is to close the tab, open a new one, and log in again.

Is there some way to improve this situation? Thanks.

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In DEVONthink’s Preferences > Server, click the Log button and drag the proxy icon in the toolbar to your desktop.
Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and attach the log file.

How many minutes approximately? After a certain time without activity the login isn’t valid anymore.

I think maybe five minutes. I’m going to see about generating the logs the other fellow requested. Whatever the timeout is, it’s just quick enough to be irritating with the way I use it :confused:

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I would love for this period to be user selectable on the server side…

We might add an option to Preferences > Server in future releases.

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