Web server issues

Just getting into using the webserver for the first time. Seem to have set it up correctly – I can see the two databases I wanted to share.

However, it is so sluggish as to be basically unusable. I try to open groups and nothing happens, it forces me to authenticate repeatedly. It won’t let me sort anything. Etc.

The databases aren’t small, but they run on the mac just fine.

Question is whether I’m doing something wrong with how i set the web server up, or is it just slow and limited.

Pleas provide more information on this. WebSharing does not function in isolation.

For browsing…
What browser?
What operating system?

For WebSharing…
What version of Pro Office?
What operating system?

What are the database properties for the two databases being shared?

Browsing on a chromebook using chrome.

Sharing from a MacMini running DTPO 2.9.16 on Sierra.

Not sure what you’re asking about re: database properties.

Check File > Database Properties > … for the two databases you mentioned.

I closed one of the two databases so I’m trying to access only 1 via the web server. That database has 11,672 groups with 22,862 HTML Pages, 46 plain texts, 22 scripts, 6 images, 13,243 bookmarks, 4 sheets, Total of 58,999 2.6 GB, 711,225 unique words, 35,900,720 total words, 13 smart groups, 109 web archives, 1,325 rich texts, 9,652 PDFs, 12 feeds, 34 unknown

Is this all on the same local network? Wireless? Wired?

Have you tried viewing the server in Safari?

I have the server running on a local wireless network, a MacBook Pro as server, usually with 6 or 7 databases – of varying size but includes one that peaks out at the size you mentioned – and I’ve not seen the issues. Perhaps there’s something else going on?

It’s all on the same network (at least for now – I’d like to access from outside the local network eventually). DTPO’s Mac Mini is connected by ethernet but the chromebook is connected over Wifi.

Haven’t tried Safari, but that’s not an option with the Chromebook. Is the server supposed to work better with Safari?

You’re running a MacBook as the server but also have a Mac Mini? Why not run the Mini as the server?
What kind of performance do you see on the Mini (or whatever Mac you can access the database via WebSharing as a client, excluding the server machine obviously)?

Not sure if I miswrote or you misread but there are two computers: a MacMini running DTPO connected to the network by internet, and a Chromebook connected to the network by wifi.

DTPO seems to be working well on the MacMini.

Maybe I misread “Chromebook” as “MacBook” in the previous post.

All browsers aren’t equal in performance (generally speaking as well). Have you tried Firefox?
A WiFi connection could contribute to poor performance.
It’s also possible an underpowered ChromeBook could affect performance.