Web Server Maximum Question

(I am sure this question has been raised, but I was unable to find a thread via search, and/or I kept getting kicked out when I tried).

I have DevonThink Pro, and am currently using it to management household documents. I keep the database on one machine, and access the webserver from a few different machines and devices (iphone/ipad) via the web server.

For more than half of my documents, I am getting the “cannot view file b/c it is larger than 2MB in size” message. This limitation is honestly starting to impact my user experience, and has me looking at other options.

Can someone tell me why there is this limitation, and if there is any way for me to get around it?

I haven’t asked Eric, but I would suspect that limitation was related to early versions of iPhones and/or an earlier version of the iPhone OS and was added to the the DTPO Server code to minimize problems…

Checking this out on my iPad, I found that a direct attempt to view a large PDF results in that message. But if I had used the “Annotate” smart template to create a note linked to a large PDF, viewing that note and clicking on the link to the PDF immediately displayed the PDF. (Which was very comfortable to read on the iPad.)

Haven’t checked on my iPhone 3G, but I suppose the same would be true for it. If so, the current size limitation could be substantially raised or eliminated. I’ll make a note of your comment to Eric.

Eric is working hard on a mobile database for the iPhone and iPad that will allow mobile use of content from a DEVONthink or DEVONnote database and synch back changes or additions to the Mac database.

Yes, this limit was there due to problems on the first-generation iPhone. I will remove this limit in one of the next releases.

Can you update the progress on the 2 Megabyte web server limitation issue?
My “customer experience” is suffering due to this nagging issue as well. DT has some really great features that I find are almost indispensable to my business - but the 2Mb server limitation is a deal breaker for us.

Thanks for your help.

Bump. I’m running 2.0.7, and this limit seems to still be in place. Are there still plans to increase it?