Web Server Never Loads

When I run the web server from DTPO and load it from Safari or Chrome under Lion, the page is stuck with a spinner. In Firefox I can get the app to load, but anytime I try to access a PDF document it says “This is a PDF document or preview. Please use Safari”.

Is the web server in DTPO broken or am I doing something wrong?

There have been a number of discussions of this issue on the forum. Basically, a bug in Safari 5 creates the issue.

You can view Server-distributed databases using Firefox. Although Firefox cannot display PDFs, note the box in the bottom of the left column when viewing data from the Server. To read a PDF, click on the link to open it in a separate window. The PDF will be downloaded, and you will be presented with a dialogue to choose the application under which you wish to view it.

Thanks for the reply. Is there any ETA on a fix?

The fix may require action by Apple, so we can’t say when at this time.

An experimental plug-in for Firefox 10


IF you get the “Use Safari …” message, click on the link at the lower left “Show in new window” and it will open in a new tab without downloading, if your tabbed browsing is configured to open windows in tabs.

Seems to work OK.