Web server question

Hi DTP friends,

I have an odd question I hope someone can help me with.

Last week I tried setting up the web server feature on my copy of DTP, which is installed on my MacBook Pro running 10.5.1. I wanted to work it with a bit before installing DTP on our Leopard server.

I never could get it to work, though. DTP wouldn’t fill in the necessary domain data; when I would try to start it, DTP would hang/freeze, requiring a force quit.

Seque: I set up Leopard server yesterday. It’s up and running just fine. And then I installed the Admin applications on my MBP so that I could administer it remotely. And noticed a problem. When I try to launch Server Preferences (used to administer Leopard server), it freezes/hangs. Just like DTP.

However, when I’m at home, Server Preferences works just fine – I can launch it, connect to the server, etc. Very odd.

Just now, at home, I tried starting the web server feature in DTP, and IT WORKED. It filled in the domain info, allowed me to start the server, and I can “visit” the server in Safari (yes, all running on the MBP).

So the commonality here is that both DTP and Server Preferences hang at my office when I try to launch (Server Preferences) or start the web server module in DTP. And both work just fine when I’m at home.

So what could be doing this? It surely has to be some odd interaction between my MBP and my university network when I’m at the university, which then goes away when I’m at home on my cable connection.

Any hints or wild ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Assuming that you’re using the same Mac OS X version and no additional tools on both machines, then this might be a proxy/firewall issue (e.g. wait for 1-2 minutes, maybe it’s not frozen forever) or the network configuration is corrupted.