Web Server Questions

A few observations/questions about the Web Server:

(1) When I enter a URL to create an entry and I leave the title blank (“Automatic”), I would expect the title of the new item to come from the title of the web page, as it works in DT3. However the title instead is derived from the raw URL and thus often is not helpful to identify the content

(2) Can new items go into the Global Inbox, or at least the inbox of a specific Database, rather than the present behavior where new items created with the Web Server go into the root of a Database

(3) When creating a Tag on a new item inside the Web Server, is it possible for Autocomplete to offer options?

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  1. I will look into this.
  2. Any new item will be created in the currently selected group/database. If you have the database selected the record will be created there, this is the same behaviour as DEVONthink.
  3. Autocomplete for tags is not available in the web application
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