Web Sharing - cannot see all my files

Hello everyone!

New DT Pro Office user here. The web sharing ability is the clincher for us that made this app so much better than anything else we could find. We have a small Apple consulting company with a server in our office and a few MacBooks out on the road as well as an admin person at another location. We all need access, from whatever point, to the files on the server. While we have no trouble setting up the technical part of the web access (configuring our port forwarding thru the network, etc.) I am noticing that it is not all that easy to browse our database to locate the file needed at any given time. It is great if you happen to know the name of the file but many of our file names are numeric as they relate to serialized invoice numbers, etc. We keep these in Groups and Subgroups based on client name. While we can generally enter the client’s name on the remote computer, we will get only a portion of the files showing for them and many times there will also be files from a totally different group mixed in there too that have nothing to do with this group! Also, if the client name group has a subgroup, then those files are not visible. I have tried every combination of Search - Operator - Comparison and end up with either the same or less search results.

To boil it down, is there an easier/better way to do remote look ups or searching or do we need to rethink the entire way we name our files? This would be incredibly painful as the thousands of files we are hoping to import into DT Pro would need to be renamed and it would turn our current organization scheme upside down for a while.

Awesome product though and I truly appreciate the help!

The server should return all contents but not groups. In addition, DEVONthink is by default looking for whole words, not for substrings.

But an example might be helpful - which search string & settings did you use to find a certain file without success and what’s its name?