Web sharing on VPS

As an avid user of DEVONThink pro I’d like to share a database with collaborators rather than share the contents through other means.

I see that I could upgrade for the ability to share as a website - however I am uncertain what this means in practice as it appears to suggest it is shared only on the localhost - since I work on a laptop (which goes to sleep) and move between wifi networks and IP addresses that isn’t going to work.

I have a VPS - can I upload the site and host it from there?

PS - please forgive me if this is a duplicate post - I thought I’d submitted the question previously but I am unable to find that post listed under ‘my posts’ or on the forum.

WIth the Server feature in DEVONthink Pro Office you can share databases through a web interface on the local network and on the internet (assuming you have configured your computer and network to do this sharing). There are instructions in the DEVONthink Pro Office Help file – or you could download the manual and see the information there. There are numerous threads already on the forum with readers discussion how-to and use case. Please search for the prior info and post any questions that Help or the other threads do not address.

The best way of course is to download a trial of DEVONthink Pro Office and try for yourself. It’s best to check out these things yourself rather than read about it.

Thank you,

I should have started by saying: “having read the manual and perused the forums”

I think you have confirmed that DEVONThink Pro Office’s websharing cannot be hosted on a VPS and that since I have a laptop not a local network with a fileserver It isn’t going to be any good to me.

Shame - I’ll have to migrate to another solution.

There is always the possibility of Export > As Website, and one can develop custom templates for this purpose.

I must have done that through the body language … having written nothing on this topic :laughing:

Aha - export as html - I’d missed that possibility, thanks I’ll explore.

You confirmed no VPS hosting by implication:

“(assuming you have configured your computer and network to do this sharing)” -

Anyhow, thanks

“I have a VPS” was a terse description. So I bypassed it.

If you have something like a Macminicolo you might be able to run DEVONthink there and thus run the DEVONthink Pro Office Server there. (NOTE: DEVONthink itself is not a multi-user app and is not licensed for multi-users – so I’m restricting this comment to the DEVONthink Pro Office “server” feature.) If you have a Windows or Linux VPS; all bets are off.

Yeah, I gather all bets are off.

Thanks, I’ll be looking for other solutions.