Webarchive bookmarklet and FireFox - won't install- help?


I know FF issues have come up repeatedly but I can’t get either bookmarklet to add to my FF3 toolbar. The Yojimbo bookmarklet added normally and webarchive captures work perfectly from FF3 to Yojimbo.

I can see no reason the functionality shouldn’t work with the Devon stuff.

The script to save webarchive to DTP doesn’t work either (error message stating no browser in front).

Suggestions or something simple I’m overlooking?


Ok, figured out how to do it.

For anyone interested:

usingmac.com/2008/6/24/firef … kmarks-bar

This solution worked perfectly for me - control click on the Firefox Bookmark bar > create a new bookmark > name it > paste the Javascript of the relevant Bookmarklet.

Perfect: for ‘Archive’, ‘Bookmark’ and ‘Selection’ BUT for ‘Text’ I kept getting a one word result on the import to DT; “undefined”.

Any idea why this is happening?

Here’s the code for the ‘Text’ Bookmarklet.


Thanks for helping.

I’m having the same problem. (Using DTP 2beta and FF3.)