.webarchive to PDF missing?

Hi, I wanted to convert some webarchives I have in DEVONthink to PDF files, but I cannot find the option any more.

I seem to remember that this was possible in DEVONthink, have I only been dreaming?

Right-clicking in the body of the .webarchive should display the contextual menu where “Capture PDF” is listed. Another option is to place the “Capture current page as PDF” icon on the toolbar and click that icon when the .webarchive is selected in a file listing.

Thanks for the reply! The option in my context-menu was missing, but I found the button I could add to my tool-bar. I am using DEVONthink Pro Office 2.5.2, what version are you using?

Are you clicking on the document in the file list, or are you clicking in the body of the .webarchive as korm mentioned? Clicking within the body of the .webarchive should give you the option that you need.

Ah! That’s what I was doing wrong. I was clicking on the document in the list. Not inside the document.

Thanks! (I still think that I was looking in a very reasonable menu though).

I think it’s very reasonable too from that perspective … but there is a functional difference between these menus. The menu available from a document list contains “things to do with this document”, the menu available from the body of a document lists “things to do with this content”, the menu available by right-clicking a link is “things to do with this link”, and the menu available by right-clicking highlighted text is “things to do with this text snippet”.

All of which is why these are “contextual” menus. :confused: And, of course, there are many inconsistencies in the current design. :neutral_face:

The document in my case was a webarchive, and I did have the option of turning it into Rich Text :slight_smile: Just not a PDF.