Webarchive view crashing with woff2 embeds?

I have about 5 webarchives that crash DT3 when I preview them. I noticed it is trying to download woff2 fonts, but of course it just drops them in the Inbox Downloads.

How can I get it so it doesn’t crash. I can probably turn off one of the Web settings, but I would like the full experience, especially if I want to convert to PDF.

One example is CIOs should embrace DEI to build successful teams, which I used the Share Sheet in Safari to Add to DT3 > Inbox.

I should add, this does not happen with all Gartner captures.

The next release should fix this. Which version of macOS and DEVONthink do you use?

The Safari extension is actually recommended instead of using sharing.

Fix confirmed in the beta build in macOS 12.5 Monterey.

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I am using DT 3.8.4 on macOS Monterey 12.4.

I have tried:

  • Share Sheet in Safari
  • Safari Extension
  • Chrome Extension

I would say same results, but it actually got worse. Some more pages using the recommended Safari Extension would crash.

What can I do in the meantime until the next version?

Have you considered printing to PDF?

Yep. That’s what I did for the ones that crashed me.

I can’t say when, but I can say soon. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

3.8.5 update

Fixed (Pro)

  • Embedded fonts could be automatically added to the Download Manager when viewing web documents. Fixed.


“Dangerous” webarchives are dangerous no more!

…And thus, having slain the great beast, the intrepid knight wandered back to the village to relax with some well-deserved mead.