Webarchives from Safari to Sorter

I’m used to drag an URL to the Sorter and have imported a webarchive to the Global Inbox from the selected website. This doesn’t work any more. I only get bookmarks. I can’t find a way to import webarchives when DT is not running. What am I missing?

I didn’t find anything helpful mentioned in DTPro’s Help, but maybe I’m blind, because I am rather confused about this change of my habits…

DTPro 2.1, MacOS 10.5.8, Safari 5.0.5

The Sorter’s default actions have been changed to match those of DEVONthink.

The default action with no modifier keys pressed is to add a bookmark. To add a web archive press the Command-Option modifier keys while dropping the link on to the Sorter.


Thank you for answering. Command-Option deletes the adress-bar from Safari’s Toolbar, I did not find a way to change this shortcut for Safari. I tried different key-combinations yesterday with no or unwanted results.

But – tadaaa! – Shift-Option-Command seems to work for importing WebArchives to the Sorter on my german keyboard. Maybe that’s the reason the modifier keys have different functions.

One more question: Where can we find those changes in the help-file or tutorial or release-notes or somewhere else on the website?

When using the Command+Option modifier keys with safari it is best to press the modifier keys after starting the drag operation.

Shift+Command+Option also works, but not by design :slight_smile:

I will check where this change is documented or if we need to update our documentation.

Yes, this works, thank you for the hint!