webarchives not visible/bookmarklet?

I just updated to DTP public beta 8. Many of my webarchives are no longer visible and load as blank pages. And others, DTP tries to load as a live website. Many of the older web archives are for pages that no longer exist. This is a disaster as I have thousands, upon thousands, of these in my databases. What can I do?? Should I consider trying to roll back to PB 7?

In a related (?) item: the bookmarklet I installed for PB7, and which I found very convenient, no longer seems to be work. I’ve forgotten where to find the bookmarklets or how to install them.

Ant help or advice will be gratefully received!


I re-installed the bookmarklets from the download page… funny that I just forgot how to do that.

But, I did roll back to public beta 7. It was too scary not to have access to all those web archives. I eagerly await news on what the problem is with webarchives in beta 8.

I was quite excited to finally make use of tagging, but that will have to wait.


I have the same problem - can’t see the web archives or create new ones.
How can I download beta 7?
I did not keep that version :frowning:


Willem Kuhtreiber

I installed beta 8 from within the application. DTP pb 7 was automatically placed in the Trash and I just dragged it out. I hope you haven’t emptied the Trash since updating. I checked the DEVONtechnologies downloads page but couldn’t find older versions of DTP2

I really hope we get word on a fix for this web archive problem. I pretty much live in DEVONthink!

I have the same problem.
The temporary solution is to use the “show in finder” option when control-click the webarchive, then open the file in safari. The original file is untouched.

Hmmm. I’m running DT Pro Office 2.0 pb8 under OS X 10.6.2 and have checked a number of WebArchives in my database, some dating back 5 years ago. No problem with their display in DEVONthink.

What is the version of OS X that you are using? (Full version number.)

Are any Safari add-ons installed?

It’s a glitch of DEVONthink Personal/Pro but not of DEVONthink Pro Office/DEVONnote. I’ve just uploaded fixed disk images, just download them again from our Download page. The Sparkle updaters have been fixed too.

Thanks you so much, Christian, for the quick fix!


Awesome fast work fixing this!
Just one more of the many reasons to love DEVONthink and the DEVONtechnologies Team!


Willem Kuhtreiber