WebClip has to put selected text into body (not comments)

Version 3.8 changed WebClip behavior:
Select text in browser (Firefox)
press bookmarklet Clip to DEVONthink
WebClip window opens but now
selected text is put in Comments section (instead of BODY)
complete article text is saved in Body section (no need as I only want to save selected text)

How to get previous WebClip behavior? WebClip should
put selected text in BODY section
keep comments section empty

The new behaviour is intentional and consistent to the other possible file formats. But you could simply use the Take Plain Note service.

yes: Take Plain Note and “Selection” bookmarklet have desired behavior, BUT
the file is saved directly into INBOX without showing WebClip pop-up window (fast and convenient way to customize tags, title, location, etc…)

That’s also possible after enabling the group selector in Preferences > Files > Import.

Getting closer… but this way invokes smaller pop-up window which doesn’t allow to change URL and BODY
The ideal way would be to have the ability to invoke WebClip TakeNote pop-up window (which should be populated with Title, Body (selected text), URL)