Webclip Markdown dont include images?

When I clip a website w/ markdown, I get the filename but not the image (even in preview mode)… I assume because the images don’t download… do I have to do this manually or should the clipper also download the images?

That’s because markdown does not “include” images. It can only have a reference to them. Much like HTML.

ok. thx. so then I have to download manually? If so, how do I set up the images? in the same group/folder?

May I suggest that you search for “markdown” and “image” in the forum? This topic has been discussed ad nauseam here.
MD is generally not what you want if you need images to be displayed reliably (i.e. also after you send the file to someone else, moved it to another location etc) while it might be possible, it is certainly not trivial.

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i did search, but i’m new to this and it wasn’t fully clear. I tried to clip as another format but for some reason this particular website looked horrible in every other format… markdown looked the cleanest at least, minus the images.

What URL?

I think it might be the way the site is built… but web archive just gives a spinning wheel, and formatted note is cut off an I can’t scroll down, etc.

Ugh! Yes, this page is full of JavaScript and getting dynamic content.

You could add this as a bookmark, scroll down to load the images, the capture it via the Tools > Capture commands.

The content and images come in nicely in Safari view in Reader, then “print” to the “Save PDF to DEVONthink 3” option under the PDF button. Most of the stuff from the internet that I save I do it that way. Yes, of course does not look like the original page, but works for content and images.

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If I did want to dowload this as markdown as it looks the nicest, would the next step be to manually download each image and then put all those images in the same folder? Is there a more automated way? (I had thought downloading markdown might include downloading images)


Try it and see. You’d have to edit the Markdown to render the images when you print.

I didn’t get the images only the text when I clipped.

I know. That’s how markdown works. Read about markdown and how you can create pretty documents with images. Lots of reading offered by Google “markdown images” search.

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The following Chrome plugin may be helpful for clipping into Markdown while downloading images.

I have found PopClip extensions to be generally quite helpful/useful on MacOS.

One of my most used extensions is:
Copy as Markdown Copy web content as Markdown text.

It allows me to copy an entire page (or in parts if the page is REALLY large) and then paste into a (new/existing) markdown document in DT3.
It does an good job managing images, for most part.
It does an outstanding job managing footnotes.

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Could you elaborate? In particular, what does an image link produced by this software look like?

The process is as follows:

  • Highlight a section (or a complete) web page in a browser where PopClick is available and the extension mentioned above has been enabled.

  • Copy using the Copy as Markdown extension

  • Paste into a markdown document in DT3
    You will notice that it uses the image’s location on the web as the basis for inclusion.

The end result is as close to ‘copy-and-paste’ from web to markdown as I’ve found.

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