Webclipper not tagging anymore?

When I use the webclipper or what it’s called, I usually tag my links, which always worked. Since recently the tags I use in the webclipper get lost and do not transfer over to DevonThink. What am I doing wrong?

As you can see in the 2nd screenshot, no tags show up in the inspector.


Nothing. It’s a bug, recently found. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


I spotted that today; and thought it was me :slight_smile:

I have a Smart Group which alerts me to anything without a Label (or presumably a Tag). So I just set the Label once the item has been imported.

Thanks for the re-assurance, Jim :slight_smile: .

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Has this problem been fixed? I am having the same issue in both Chrome (my usual browser) and Safari.

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Welcome @kathy_biosci

No. It will be addressed in the next release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Thank you, @BLUEFROG. I appreciate the status update!

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:


When I’m trying to clip a page today, wanting DT to turn it into markdown, it will only produce .webloc. This happens also when I try to convert the .webloc into a markdown file within DT (it just produces another .webloc).

Should this be a new bug report or is it OK it stays in this thread?

It’s fine here.

  • Is this a new or old bookmark, i.e., does it point to an active web page?
  • Did you reboot the machine?

It’s the webclipper extension for Safari and after rebooting it works again, creating markdown. Is it just me or has Apple become like the Windows systems I was fleeing from 15 years ago: you have to restart them every couple of days… (back then I restarted my MacBook like every 3-4 month)?

This is a well-known issue. When the clipping extension fails, it will capture a bookmark as a fallback so at least something is captured. However, if it continues to just fail, even on other sites, a reboot will fix this.

In the next release the clipping process will be able to relaunch itself in a way that should alleviate this.

(back then I restarted my MacBook like every 3-4 month)?

We advocate you reboot your devices - Mac and mobile - once a week anyways.