WebDAV Anonymous Login Blank Password & Blank User ID option

Devonthink Pro seems to always need a non blank User ID and Password.

Can we have Anonymous WebDAV Login with User ID & Password blank?

Can the WebDAV setup Password and User ID fields be made optional (left blank and still sent to webdav server). I am trying to use a Airstash device and also a Mifi Hotspot device which both have simple WebDAV services. The protection is in the SSID and Wi-FI key.

FYI Airstash device example is: www.airstash.com. So on this device USB local copy in DevonThink Pro would write files via USB connection but using Wireless WebDAV to sync with iPad Devonthink To Go, hopefully iPad Devonthink To Go WebDAV settings would allow a blank User ID and Password to connect to WebDAV server in USB stick.

MiFi devices often have simple WebDAV services to an optional micoSD card in the device. Again anonymous login with blank user ID and blank password required to use them.

Put anything you want in the fields – their values will only be used if the server requests authentication. I’ll fix this in a future version.

EDIT: This has been fixed for the next release.