WebDAV being depricated in DT?

Hi. When I was installing an update recently I thought that I saw that WebDAV was being removed from DEVONthink. I run Pro Office and use WebDAV to sync everything between my computers through my Synology NAS. WebDAV is a good, stable connection, so I would hate to lose that. I’m trying to not have sensitive data anywhere public, so syncing through iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive… isn’t acceptable for me.

I guess my first real question should be, are you actually getting rid of WebDAV altogether? If so, can I start a movement to get you to change your mind?

Thanks. Love the software. I outgrew Evernote several years ago and DT has been a savior.

WebDAV is NOT being removed. Box.com is deprecating it, so we are removing the Box.com template for it and suggesting people make an adjustment if they were using it.

Whew! Thanks! That’s a big load off my mind.