WebDav iOS syncstore locations


I am wondering if a WebDav cloud service such as storagemadeeasy.com CloudDAV would enable syncstores to be located on aggregated cloud services, and accessed on both iOS and Mac. Also, could a Mac-only syncstore option like iCloud be utilised by DTTG on iOS when accessed through CloudDav? In addition, could a syncstore on OneDrive (via CloudDav) be used as a location for syncstores for DEVONThink on iOS and Mac?

If so can existing syncstores be just moved from their current location (Dropbox and/or iCloud) to the new location?


From our blog: blog.devontechnologies.com/2018 … with-sync/

Note: this implies no support on our part. You’ll have to check out the options and test the scenarios with the assistance of the storagemadeeasy steam, if support is needed.

Thanks Jim,

I’m glad that it’s possible for WebDav to extend the possibilities for iOS synctore locations :smiley:

I’ll read supporting documentation before setting up and contact storagemadeeasy

if required

No problem. WebDAV isn’t perfect, but it’s a nice general solution, versus trying to develop for all the cloud services, especially since some appear and disappear over time.