WebDav Protection with mTLS

Hi guys,

i’ve tried to setup an extended protection of my webDAV Server with an MTLS Certificate, but it is from a self signed CA. Proxy is a traefik server, docu for mtls https://blog.filador.fr/securiser-traefik-avec-du-mtls/
With google Chrome and Safari(accepting that is not a trusted Cert) i can connect to the mtls protected webdav server. With Devonthink i got a NSURLErrorDomain -1202 Message. Does anyone has an approach to protect the sync store either with mtls or with 2FA


I’m using a Let’s Encrypt certificate with my Synology NAS. That works flawlessly. Alternatively a VPN might help. I don’t know what mTLS is or does.

Edit after having read about two thirds of the (French!) text you linked to: This mTLS is about client-side certificates. In my opinion, that’s a nightmare to set up and manage. Depending on your NAS (you didn’t mention what you’re using), 2FA may be possible. And a VPN is definitely an option, possible to set up with a lot less work than mTLS.

But all this has no relation whatsoever to DT, do you might be better off finding answers in fora dealing with NAS, networking, and security.