WebDAV setup not connecting

I have WebDAV setup on Synology NAS. I can connect to the NAS from Finder → Connect to Server. I want to setup a WebDAV sync store with DT3.8.3. When I add a WebDAV server, the same credentials timeout. Alternatively, the NAS is accessible externally via DDNS, but those credentials also do not connect in DT3 via WebDAV. Is the timeout a problem on the NAS side or DT3?

Did it ever work? if yes, what changed?

It would be helpful if you provided more detail. Like how do you connect from Finder to your Server (connect string!).

You add a WebDAV server where? The same credentials as?

It’s a problem of your setup or your network or something else on your side. We can’t know nor help since you do not provide any details.

WebDAV on a Synology works like a charm with DT3. You’ll also find a lengthy description here in the forum.

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The TL;DR was great. I had been trying to use port 5001 which gave me only external access to the NAS after the DDNS was setup correctly. I had partially configured the WebDAV on the NAS per your instructions. What I was lacking was adding a Shared Folder on the NAS with RW permissions for the DT3 sync store and configuring port forwarding for 5006 instead of 5001.


Details, details :wink:

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Usually, in a Synology NAS, 5001 is for unencrypted WebDAV, i.e. over HTTP. 5006 is for encrypted access, i.e. HTTPS.

Having said that, it goes without saying that you absolutely should use HTTPS if you want to connect from the outside to your NAS. So you have to forward 5006 in your router and turn off 5001 altogether. Having 5001 accessible from the outside means that everyone can listen to the WebDAV traffic between you and your NAS.

Better would be to set up a VPN connection to your NAS or (even better) to your router, if that’s possible.

Also, it would really be nice if you could make the effort to be a bit more detailed in your posts.

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