WebDAV sync certificate was invalid, is valid again, but DT3 keeps complaining?

I use DT3 with a WebDAV Sync to my Synology NAS (signed Lets Encrypt certificate). It worked without problems for years now but a few days ago due to a Synology issue my cert was revoked and DT3 started complaining (as expected).

I fixed the cert but Devon still keeps complaining about the invalid cert. Safari/Chrome etc. recognize the cert as valid. I restarted Devon already but it didn’t help, I suppose this is cached somewhere?

How can I convince Devon to accept the cert as valid again? Also I think the popup could show a bit more information about the certificate or provide a button to stop syncing at all (after I hit “Cancel” the popup just appears again for a few times, and a bit later the cycle starts again).

I suppose just hitting “Connect” would solve the issue, but I have no idea if further changes to the cert would be recognized or just disregards cert validation at all after that?

At least DEVONthink doesn’t cache them on its own. Does a restart of the computer fix this?

That’s probably the easiest solution. In case of local networks only (e.g. no access to the Synology from other locations) and an encrypted sync store you could also use http instead of https.

Did you renewed the certificate for the same valid web url? Because for example, if your certificate is for jona.synology.com, synology.com jumps over jona.whatever.com that jumps over your local IP, and in one of those redirections, as they aren’t in the certificate path, the chain of security is “broken”, mainliy when changing domains.

I have the same problem with my synology, and accepting connection is not less insecure because the communication is still encrypted, but only it is not verified is coming from/to a safe place. A man-in-the-middle, using your stolen certificate (ver important: stolen certificate) could read your communications. A apart of that, you are as secured as you was (of course, if your certificate is really valid).

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No, same behaviour after a restart of the computer. :confused:

Yeah it’s the same URL. As I said it’s valid in Safari etc. again.

I just hit “Connect” now, though still no idea what that entails… and I would still like to know, why Devon thinks the cert is invalid when every other application recognizes as valid?

Hitting Connect should be sufficient for DEVONthink to accept the certificate.