WebDAV sync problem

I have two databases, A and B, which I’ve started syncing via WebDAV among four devices: two Macs running DT Pro Office 2.10.1 and macOS 10.14, and two iOS devices (an iPhone and an iPad) running DTTG 2.6.4 and iOS 12.0.1. The WebDAV server is a QNAP NAS on the local network.

Previously I was syncing directly via Bonjour with one of the Macs as the master. That setup was working, as far as I can tell. Both databases pass verification.

The WebDAV setup also seems to be working normally on the Macs and the iPad. On the iPhone, I have what looks like a good sync with database A, but database B is empty. There’s no error message. The database seems to sync, but it’s empty. It’s not empty on the other devices.

The sync settings are the same on all four devices. The problem persists across a reboot of the phone.

When I first set up the sync on the phone, I did get an error message to the effect that database B was “not completely downloaded” and that uploading it would cause a problem. I couldn’t think of anything else to do, so I deleted the database from the phone and then tried to re-sync it. No more errors, but no data either.

Does anyone have thoughts? I guess I could delete the app and reinstall it to wipe out all the data, but are there any easier options?

On the iPhone, select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!

DT and DTG are very flaky against WebDav.

  1. Ignore all error messages thrown by DT/DTG - they don’t seem to be relevant to the issue.
  2. What I have heard is happening is that the sync fails after a certain number of files are pushed. If you check/uncheck the databases, thereby restarting the sync over and over, you will eventually complete the download. Subsequent syncs should work as long as there are not to many documents moving at once.