WebDav Synchronisation is ok but still different DB's

Hi there,

i do have a WebDAV Server running and Synching with my local Devonthink DB.

Anyway there is a 2nd Mac synching against the same folder. After about a month we realised that there is no synching between the changes we made on both macs.

We realised that one Mac had somehow wrong login data for the Webdav. After correcting and synching with the WebDAV we still have differences between our Databases.

Both Systems say that they synched without any problem and still they are different.

Can anybody help?

Is a verification of the sync store (see contextual menu of sync store in Preferences > Sync) successful? Which DEVONthink version do you use?

One possibility is to clean the sync store (also available in the contextual menu) and to upload the database(s) again on the first Mac. Synchronizing the second Mac will merge the database(s).