WebDAV syncing fails


I setup a WebDAV server on my Synology NAS (DS412+ with DSM 4.2) and I try to use it to sync my DT databases. Using the finder, I can mount the shared folder, read and write into it. Thus, there are no problems with my credentials.

But the synchronization fails with DevonThink Pro (2.6.1) with the following message in the log window:

19:30:24: Sync: donneville → (WebDAV)	Could not verify the store structure (unauthorized)

I tried using HTTPS and HTTP.

Is this a known bug? I didn’t find any answer in the forum concerning this problem.

WebDAV is not a strictly adhered to standard and thus different implementations can cause issues. Hold off until our next maintenance release (which should be out fairly soon) as we have made some adjustments to the WebDAV Syncing.

PS: Be cautious about using the Synology NAS for this purpose. Of problem Tickets concerning NAS users, Synology drives are most common. Not saying you WILL have issues, but just to be cautious.

Thank you for your answer.

Also, I realize I posted this message in the wrong section, sorry for that :blush:

No problem at all, alexandre. :^)

This is almost certainly a 2.6.1 bug that will be fixed with the 2.6.2 release. I’m terribly sorry for the aggravation.