WebDAV Syncing

I saw the blog post about the WebDAV/AFP/etc syncing and posted this comment there but I thought it might be more useful on the forum…

I have recently been evaluating DTPro and a bunch of other tools such as Evernote, but I’m not happy about putting my data in “the cloud” which Evernote forces you to do. Nothing else seems to provide flexible syncing options allowing tech-savvy people to host their own online syncing and do it in a secure fashion. I have a couple of questions about the upcoming DTPro syncing:

  1. Will there be an upcoming version of DEVONthink To Go supporting the same syncing options? I would like to be able to sync all my devices (a few Macs and an iPad) using WebDAV.

  2. Will DTPro support authenticating against WevDAV servers using client certificate authentication?

  3. Pending 1 & 2, will the iPad version also client certificate authentication?

In case anyone is curious, Rob answered this on the blog entry that I asked the same question on: