Webdav syncstore on Ubuntu Server?

Hi all

of every DTPO database I use, I have two instances (home and office). Currently, they are synced directly through a VPN connection. I am planning to put a syncstore on a remote server and sync the two instances as the need arises with this central repository.
Can I use my little Ubuntu Server, which is already up and running for this purpose? If so, I would appreciate some pointers towards things I should remember when setting this up, common mistakes etc



WebDAV’s pretty straightforward, as long as you get the server setup right (i.e. if it works with other WebDAV clients, it should work with Sync). The only thing to be careful about is the Apache mod_rewrite module. It doesn’t rewrite headers. Some WebDAV requests (e.g. MOVE, COPY) have a Destination HTTP header which mod_rewrite won’t rewrite and, consequentially, MOVE and COPY requests can fail, which means syncs always fail.

Hi Nathan

thanks for your reply. Under which circumstances does the Apache mod_rewrite module kick in? Does syncing normally take place without it and can I take precautions to avoid this error cropping up in the first place?

It’s only active if you explicitly tell it to be. If you set up WebDAV in most normal ways, this won’t be an issue. It’s normally only a problem if you have really complicated setup where e.g. each user has a WebDAV folder and these are shuffled between backend servers, etc etc etc.

In other words, you almost surely don’t have to worry about this, but it does of course need to be mentioned.

But if it is active – if it’s rewriting URLs in any way – then it is likely to destroy your ability to sync.

This is most helpful, thank you Nathan. I was only making sure I uderstood you as you meant it, and yes, it is one of the things that ought to be mentioned if only for making you more confident that there is nothing lurking in the dark (nothing foreseeable at least).

Thanks again