WebDav Usage | How can I tell if a file is Imported or Index

I have successfully connected a WebDav folder to DevonThink (I have the folder indexed with folder actions so anything added to the folder gets sent to the DevonThink global inbox - exactly what I want.

I don’t like importing things into DevonThink however (for one I use it more for organization than editing, AND I really need local copies of everything because of my backup protocols).

  1. I am wondering however: HOW can I tell from looking at a file in DevonThink whether it has been INDEXED (and thus resides somewhere else - like on a server in my case using WebDav) OR imported, and in fact is local in the DevonThink database?


I have noticed that if I click on ‘info’ on the file - it does reveal to me the file path (and shows it to reside, in that case, on a WebDav share) - so that I suppose is one way of determining it’s location - but I was wondering if there was a more instantaneous way of knowing which files are indexed vs imported, and if there was a way to search for “ALL indexed” vs “ALL imported” or something similar.

An indexed item has a curved arrow to the right of the filename.

In addition to the curved arrow indicator, you can also create smart groups where ‘Instance> Is/Is not> Indexed’.

I was wondering what that arrow was! Thanks!!

Np. There’s plenty of info in the manual on this stuff (p.135 in the DEVONthink Pro Office manual).