Webpage Capture from Gmail

I have tried several applications such as together , eaglearchive but all of them have failed me ,before I try this I want to know , would devonthink be able to capture a webpage for me , just like research tool zotero does , all I want is , i press the capture key and wallah the page is transferred as it is to devonthink’s or devonnote , email password protected page like gmail or any forum.

Possible ?

Well, the answer is basically the same as the one of Steve Harris or Michael Tsai :wink:

Safari doesn’t provide access to its data and therefore the web page has to be downloaded & rendered again and this can fail if the page is protected, the result of posting a form or requires session specific cookies.

Possible solutions:

  • Use DEVONagent :smiley:
  • Use the Capture Web Archive or Take Rich Note services if you’re using Safari
  • Print a PDF document to DEVONthink Pro. This will be improved a lot by the upcoming beta 4, btw.

Well as you are see the predicament I am in ,

  1. I tried using devonagent , but when i try the option of saving to devonoffice , it just gives me a beep sound
    When I try the new beta version of devonoffice , now atleast it does save the file but same situation .
    Open Gmail , log in , RIght click option which pop

A. Add frame to devonthink -> something is added to devonthink but not the page , which it turns out is an empty page and the url of mailbox
B. Add web archive to devonthink -> nothing happens

  1. I tried using capture web archive or take rich note both produce the same result

  2. No no no , i dont’ want pdf , they are useless format :frowning:

Any help

Just log out and in again and ensure that DEVONagent and DEVONthink are installed in /Applications.

i did that and now both capturing adding frame and web archive adds it as html and again empty page in devonthink.

Did you try Data > Add to DEVONthink > Web Archive or the same command in the action menu in the upper right corner of the browser window? Because you’re only adding frames (either as HTML or web archive) right now and the contents of the frame are obviously not what you want.

I did try the data-> add to devon as webarchive , but still it’s being added.

Now the entry appears in devonthink as webarchive but when I click on it , it tries to loginto my gmail and gets stuck there and that’s all

Then web archives and Gmail don’t like each other. Use PDFs or rich text notes instead.

Rich text notes gives the same result and pdf would beat the whole purpose of devonthink don’t you think ? I can do a pdf from safari by just saving the webpage or printing the webpage !!

No offense ,but I think you have just given up on this .

But regardless thanx for you time.

I don’t think so.

I came across this thread while trying to answer a related question. Just out of curiosity, I tried archiving a Gmail message thread that I was viewing in DEVONagent. It worked without a hitch. So, perhaps there’s another issue causing your troubles, pakiyabhai.

For what its worth, I’m running DEVONagent Personal Edition 2.3.1 and DEVONthink Pro Office Edition 2.0pb7.

Hi there mfitzhugh,

You sent a gmail message to DT via DevonAgent? I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

I’m currently in my second day of using DTPro and I am trying to put some emails into DevonThink. Currently, I am copy and pasting into a .rtf and then importing the rtf doc into DevonThink. I am guessing that there is a better way?

  • Ryan

Although, it seems that I can just as easily go to DATA > NEW > Plain Text File and past the contents directly into DevonThink.

  • R